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Where people come to discuss Oasis

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This is a community for people who love the Gallagher brothers, either Noel or Liam, of the band Oasis.

I'm a fan too, and I don't have any connection with the band at all.

What's allowed:
Photos of the boys. Any, as long as they're behind a LJ cut if they're big or there are lots.
Discussions of their songs, albums and videos. Who's the better Gallagher singer? Liam or Noel?
Discussions and displays of icons, graphics, etc you made of the band. As long as they are your own copywritten work and not stolen from somewhere else. You can post poems, personal encounters, stories, etc.

What's not allowed:
Harassment or trolling. You can disagree with someone without getting mean about it.
Bashing of fans/others for no real reason.

elegantgoddess ~ Created the community, icons, graphics, etc.
sommersdoor~ *LIVES* in Manchester. Met the guys several times from the clothing store he worked for.